In July 1987 I found a need to help people in the community of Vermont Knolls. Many families were experiencing the possibility of losing their homes through foreclosure. I was blessed to open a small office next door to a real estate company on Manchester Boulevard near Western Avenue in Los Angeles. I began helping them save their homes from foreclosure through bankruptcy. I moved from that location to Crenshaw Boulevard and Slauson Avenue. From there I moved to Martin Luther King Blvd and Figueroa Street in the shopping center located across from the Sports Area. Later I moved to 42nd Street and Crenshaw Boulevard, and finally to my current office at 6109 S. Western Avenue, Suite 207. For more than 20 years, I have helped people in Los Angeles County from Beverly Hills to Monrovia, from San Pedro to Pasadena, get rid of their debt through bankruptcy. We have helped families cancel debt as far away as Sacramento and San Bernardino: Bankruptcy allows people to get rid of debt and start a fresh new debt-free life.
Owner Albert Knowles
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